In addition to principal investment and carbon development activities, Climate Wedge provides corporate end-users, market entities, and institutional investors with a suite of carbon finance and emissions trading related advisory services spanning the asset classes and markets related to carbon. Our advisory services are based on an active presence in the carbon markets and a thorough understanding of trading processes, regulatory drivers, emission reduction protocols, quality standards, market players and price drivers.


Asset Development Services:

Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction project development in the CDM, JI, and North American carbon markets, equity/debt project financing, development and incubation of scalable emission reduction technologies/platforms, and execution of entity-level abatement strategies. Representative clients and partners include:
Grupo Sodes / Tu Transformas
Wärtsilä Oyj
Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation
EOS Climate


Transaction Advisory Services:

Sales and trading for emissions credits in all carbon markets, independent trade execution and advice on transactions, structured portfolio transactions, valuation, and M&A advisory services. Representative clients include:
• Energy Systems International LLC
EOS Climate


Investment Advisory Services:

Development and execution of investment strategies for engaging in emerging carbon and clean energy markets, structuring and management of asset monetization vehicles, enhancing buy-side and sell-side dealflow and project pipelines, and diligence on carbon assets and investment opportunities. Representative clients and partners include:
Cheyne Capital Management
California Public Employees Retirement System
Ministry of Environment, Finland


Carbon Management Strategy:

Emissions management, Kyoto-response strategy development, abatement cost analysis, and policy advisory services for corporate end-users and public-sector clients. Representative clients include:
News Corporation
California Climate Action Registry
McKinsey & Company (via Carbon Management Group)


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